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Welcome to Tibet

We are a grassroots Tibet Gang Ti-se travel & adventure established by Ajay Tsering, we are a group of young Tibetan staffs, guides, and drivers full of enthusiasm about tourism. a Tibetan entrepreneur with extensive experience managing travel agencies and organizing tours in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and mainland China. Our company is based in the Lhasa capital of Tibet, with offices in Lhasa, Kathmandu, Bhutan, Xining, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shengzhen, Xian, Kashi and Lhasa. We are committed to providing high-quality, environmentally sustainable travel services with a Tibetan touch.

We work to improve the livelihoods of local Tibetans through tourism.

The tourism industry is one of the most important and beneficial businesses in Tibet, but most travel companies in Tibet are run by Han Chinese or foreigners. We established this company to foster Tibetan entrepreneurship, help nomadic communities, orphanage, old people and create jobs for local Tibetans, also we are going to open Orphanage school in Lhasa , just waiting lesses from government. 

Over years, we mainly organized and implemented tour to Mt.Kailash, of accuse Lhasa overland drive to Guge King-down highway, Lhasa overland Everest to Kathmandu highway, Lhasa overland drive to Kashi highway, Lhasa overland drive Chengdu Kham area highway, Lhasa overland drive to Xining Amdo Highway , Lhasa overland drive to Yunan Lijiang highway. Climbs, Expedition & trek Mt.Xixiabangma, Kharta valley, Mt.Everest Advance to Camp 3 , Mt.Chu Oyu, Lhapari, Gaden trek to Samye, Yanbajiang trek to Namtso, old Tingri to Mt.Everest. 

Special organize praying and buddhists meditation and meting with tibetan lamas, visit local village home and any clients request. 

Tibet Tour since 1996
Trekking Tour since 1997
Overland Tour (Toyota Model 4500 4x4) since 1996
Classic Tour since 1996
Bicycle Tour since 1998
Horse riding Tour since 1999
Mountaineering Tour since 1998
Scientific Expedition Tour since 1998
Tibetan monk / Lama with Meditation Tour 1997

Let us show you the real Tibet.


Ajay Tsering

Lhasa office Contacts: 

Tibet Gang Ti-se Travel & Adventure 
Cell No: +86 13908984088
Tele: +86 891 6344182
Fax: +86 891 6338484
Email: ajay@adventure-Tibet.com
M S N: tibettravelling@hotmail.com
Skype: Tibet_travel
Q Q: 1098631997
A d d: Jiangsu South Road Lhasa. Tibet